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Tech.LGBT Instance Rules

This is a list of the rules that are used to manage reports on An up-to-date list of the instance rules can be found at under the “Server rules” tab.

Discrimination & Bigotry Won’t Be Tolerated.

We’re not a free speech absolutist. We’re not interested in Nazis, TERFS, or hate speech. Targeted misgendering, deadnaming, or promotion of so-called “conversion therapy” is prohibited.

Respect Other Users.

This instance is meant to be a friendly, welcoming space to all who are willing to reciprocate in helping to create that environment.

If you’re ever unsure, ask first. Use content warnings (CWs) where required.

Marking an image as “sensitive media” can be done separately, but should always be used if under a CW.

Listen; Don’t Make Excuses.

If you’re accused of causing harm, either take some responsibility or ask moderators for help.

No Pedophilia or Zoophilia.

This includes artistic depictions of characters that cannot give consent.

Members under the age of 18 are not permitted to post lewd, explicit, nsfw, or otherwise sexual content.

This includes as original posts or in reply to other members, as well as boosting content of this type from their accounts.

Members found in violation of this rule will receive one warning from the moderation team, and be asked to remove the offending content. A second offense can result in further moderation, including the suspension of the offending account.

No direct threats and incitement to violence.

Expressing dissatisfaction is fine, but directly stating interest or intent to commit violent harm are not welcome on this server.

Use the Report Feature.

Our moderators are here to listen and respond to reports.

This page was most recently updated on 9 August 2023